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How to approve new users with confirmation email using CreateUserWizard control in ASP.Net

In this article I will explain how to approve new users created using CreateUserWizard with a confirmation email in ASP.NET Introduction In this article first we will configure a CreateUserWizard control using SQLMembersipProvider. Then an SMTP mail setting is configured to send confirmation email to new users registered using this CreateUserWizard control. A user is… Read More »

How to Configure ASP.NET Membership using SQLMembershipProvider

In this article, we will learn to configure ASP.NET Membership using SQLMembershipProvider Introduction Objective of this article is to configure ASP.NET Membership to store user information in an external SQL Server database. We will use SQLMembershipProvider for this task. ASP.NET Membership ASP.NET Membership enables us to validate and store user information. It creates all the… Read More »