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How to add Pushpins to a Bing Map from database using ASP.NET

Introduction In this article I will explain how to add Pushpins to a Bing map from locations (Latitude/Longitude) stored in a SQL Server database table Description We will use “Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 ISDK” to create Bing map. You have to create a key to use Bing map in your applications. You can refer… Read More »

How to integrate Bing map in your website

Introduction In this post we will see how to add a Bing map in a website. We will center the Map with given Latitude, Longitude and ZoomLevel. We will be using latest Bing Map API “Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0”. To use Bing Maps API first you need to get a key. Please follow these… Read More »