Creating database diagram of Oracle database using Oracle SQL Developer

By | February 9, 2019


In this post I will explain how to create database diagram of Oracle database using “Oracle SQL Developer”


We can use Oracle SQL Developer to generate database diagram of an Oracle database. Please follow these steps to generate database diagram of an Oracle 11g Express Edition database. You can refer to this article to install Oracle Express database and Oracle SQL Developer

Step 1: Open Oracle SQL Developer

Step 2: Select File > Data Modeler > Import > Data Dictionary

Step 3: Select the connection name in the “Data Dictionary Import Wizard” and click on “Next”

Step 4: Select the database/schema and click on “Next”

Step 5: Select the “Tables” tab (default) and choose the tables for which you want to create database diagram and click “Next”

Step 6: Click “Finish”.


Step 7: Click “Close” to close the log window

Step 8: Now you can view the database diagram of tables with their relationship as following

As you can see we have a “Relational Model” (View > Show Toolbars > Customize Main Toolbar > Relational Model) toolbar to view and customize the data dictionary.

Step 9: Select File > Data Modeler > Print Diagram > To Image File to save this diagram as an image (.png) file. You can also select “To PDF File” or “To SVG File” as output type

Step 10: Finally we have database diagram of “HR” database as following

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