Backup SQL Server database using Management Studio


In this article I will explain how to backup an SQL Server database using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Step 1: Open SQL Server Management Studio image001

Step 2: Login with your credentials


Step 3: Expand Databases node in the Object Explorer. And right click on the database you want to back up. Then select Tasks -> Back Up


Step 4: Select backup type as Full and destination as Disk as we want to create a full backup and want to save it on the local disk. Then click on Add to add backup location.


Backup type can be Full or Differential. Backup destination can be Disk or URL. URL destination is selected when you want to store backup on Windows Azure Blob storage.

Step 5: In the Select Backup Location dialog box, select backup location, enter file name as “AnyName.bak” and click OK thrice to complete the backup.


Step 6: You can view the backup(.bak file) at the location specified


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