Copy database objects between two databases in Oracle using SQL Developer

We can copy database objects like table, view, procedure, function etc from one database to the other database or between two users in the same database using Database Copy Wizard of SQL Developer. Follow these steps to copy database objects inside HR user to the SYSTEM user in the sample database available in Oracle Database 11g Express Edition database.

Setp 1: Open Oracle SQL Developer

2013-12-19 23_46_03-

Step 2: Click on Tools -> Database Copy to open Database Copy Wizard

2014-01-11 21_10_31-Oracle SQL Developer

Step 3: Select source and destination connection, and click on Next

2014-01-11 21_11_41-Database Copy Wizard - Step 1 of 6

Here, we have option to enable or disable copying DDL and other option like truncating destination data before copying.

Step 4: Select object types you want to copy and click on Next

2014-01-11 21_12_30-Database Copy Wizard - Step 2 of 6

Step 5: Click on Lookup to list all the database objects or search specific object using the Textbox. Then click on the double left arrow to select all the listed database objects and click on Next

2014-01-11 21_13_00-Database Copy Wizard - Step 3 of 5

Step 6: Here, in Specify Data tab, you can specify the data you want to copy. Click on Lookup button to list all the tables and views and click on double lower arrow to select all the tables and views

2014-01-11 21_13_32-Database Copy Wizard - Step 4 of 5

Step 7: By default all the data of the tables are selected to copy using *. You can specify specific columns and apply WHERE condition by clicking in the Columns and Object Where cells against the table name. Then click on Next

2014-01-11 21_13_47-Database Copy Wizard - Step 4 of 5

Step 8: Here, in Copy Summary tab you can view a summary of all the objects that will be copied along with other options

2014-01-11 21_14_32-Database Copy Wizard - Step 5 of 5

Step 9: Progress of coping database objects are shown in a dialog box with an option to run it in background

2014-01-11 21_14_47-Copying

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