Generate DDL/DML of Oracle database objects using Oracle SQL Developer


In this post I will explain how to generate DDL(CREATE statement) and DML(INSERT statement) of Oracle database objects using “Oracle SQL Developer”


Using Database Export feature of Oracle SQL Developer, we can easily generate DDL of database objects like Table, Procedure, Function and DML of Tables

Step 1: Open Oracle SQL Developer

2013-12-19 23_46_03-

Step 2: Click on Tools -> Database Export

2014-01-01 20_35_15-Oracle SQL Developer

Step 3: Select connection from the dropdown, check “Export Data” option if you want to generate  INSERT statements (DML) for the tables, select location the exported file and click on “Next”

2014-01-01 23_31_24-Export Wizard - Step 1 of 5Step 4: Select database object types to export for example Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions etc and click on “Next”

2014-01-01 23_34_07-Export Wizard - Step 2 of 5

Step 5: Click on “Lookup” button to list all the database objects of types selected in Step 4. You can also search database objects by putting their names in the “Name” box and clicking on the “Lookup” button.

2014-01-01 23_38_45-Export Wizard - Step 3 of 5

Step 6: Select database objects by clicking on the right arrow “>” one by one or click on double right arrow “>>” to select all database objects listed

2014-01-01 23_38_57-Export Wizard - Step 3 of 5

Step 7: Click on “Finish”


2014-01-01 23_39_15-Export Wizard - Step 4 of 4

Step 8: A progress bar is displayed while generating DDL

2014-01-01 23_39_26-Exporting to C__Users_deepak_export_hr.sql

Step 9: DDL is generated as following

2014-01-02 00_06_09-Oracle SQL Developer _ C__Users_deepak_export_hr.sql


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