How to generate report from SQL Server database using Report wizard in ASP.NET

By | April 5, 2012


In this article we will generate a report from SQL Server database using Report wizard and display it in ASP.NET using MicrosoftReportViewer control.

Step 1:

Create a new ASP.NET Web Application

Step 2:

Add a new Report Wizard using Right Click on project and Add -> New Item. Click on Add button. Click Next on Report Wizard welcome screen

Step 3:

Choose your Data Connection and click on Next.

Click Next which will save connection string on the Web.config file

Step 4:

Select tables and columns to display on report. Then click on Finish

Step 5:

Select the Data Source(authors in this case) and click on Next

Step 6:

Select the Report Type, Tabular or Matrix and click on Next

Click Next on “Design the Table” wizard

Step 7:

Choose the table layout, Stepped or Block and click on Next

Step 8:

Choose a table style from the left and click on Next and then Finish

Step 9:

We have generated our report and added in the project. Our next step is to display this report in a web form. To display report we will use MicrosoftReportViewer control.

Drag a MicrosoftReportViewer control to the Default.aspx from the Toolbox. It is found under Reporting tab. Select ReportViewer Tasks button (Little arrow in Top-Right of the ReportViewer) and select “Report1.rdls” from the “Choose Report” dropdown.


Final Output:

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