Different types of Launcher Tasks in Windows Phone 7

By | February 19, 2012

In this article I will try to explain different types of Launcher Tasks available in Windows Phone 7


Launcher is an API that enables us to launch different built-in applications in Windows Phone 7 for different tasks. For example, composing Email and SMS, launching browser, initiating a call comes under Launchers. I will try to define Launcher and list different type of Launchers available with its uses.


Launcher is an API that launches another built-in application on the phone to perform a task like launching Bing search with given search text, launching media player etc. Launchers do not return any data or status to the invoked application. Followings are the list of launchers available in Windows Phone 7.

Launcher Task

Description and Uses

BingMapsTask It launches Bing Maps application. It can be used to search a place and center map position to it.
BingMapsDirectionsTask It also launches Bing Maps application but it can be used to get direction between two points
ConnectionSettingsTask It is used to adjust device network connection settings. Supported network connection types are WiFi, Bluetooth, Cullular and AirplaneMode
EmailComposeTask It launches default Email application of the phone. We can programmatically add Cc, Bcc, Subject, Body etc and launch the Email application. But Email is sent only when the user presses the Send button. It cannot be sent through code due to security concerns.
MarketplaceDetailTask It is used to launch the Windows Phone Marketplace application. It is used to display detail of the specified application.
MarketplaceHubTask It is also used to launch the Windows Phone Marketplace. We can specify content type to launch a hub of a specific type like Music or Application.
MarketplaceReviewTask It is used to launch the Windows Phone Marketplace and provide review of the current application.
MarketplaceSearchTask It is used to launch the Windows Phone Marketplace and search for content. You can search Marketplace for contents like Application and Music.
MediaPlayerLauncher It launches media player and plays the specified media.
PhoneCallTask It is used to make a call. It launches the default calling application of the phone with the contact you specify to call. Again you cannot make a call until the user presses the call button.
SearchTask It is used to launch web search application of the phone and searches the query you specify.
ShareLinkTask It is used to share a link on a Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
ShareStatusTask It is used to share a status message on a Social Networking sites.
SmsComposeTask It is used to launch the the default sms sending application of the phone and wait for the user to respond. You can supply sender’s number and message to send. SMS is sent only if the user clicks on send button.
WebBrowserTask It is used to display the web browser control of the phone i.e., Internet Explorer and browses the given URL.

To use Launcher Tasks you need to add Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace.

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