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How to localize ASP.NET controls based on browser’s language and culture settings

In this article we will learn how to display localized data in ASP.NET controls based on language and culture settings of the browser. Introduction: Objective of this article is to localize ASP.NET controls to display data according to browser’s language setting. Browser’s language setting is determined by its current Culture. Localization of ASP.NET controls will… Read More »

How to change the background color of rows in a GridView based on the value of a column in ASP.NET 3.5

Introduction: This article will explain you how to change the background color of the GridView rows to red if the value of “List Price” field is greater than 1000. Steps 1: Create a new ASP.NET Web Application Step 2: Insert a ConnectionString in the Web.config file <connectionStrings> <add name=”conString” connectionString=”Data Source=.\SQL2005Express; User Id=sa; Password=password; Initial… Read More »